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Data Analytics Fundamentals (Tableau and SQL)

Data Analytics Fundamentals (Tableau and SQL)


Do have Data you want to understand?
Do you want to turn Data into Insights?
Do you want build Data visualisation?
Do you want to tell a story with Data?
Do you want to move into the world of Data analytics
and more?

Then this course is for you.
Harness SQL, Tableau and ETL tool in Prep Builder to tell compelling stories with data. Build confidence and credibility to power insight-driven strategy on the job. This course will teach you how to use large data sets to make critical decisions. It is designed for analysts, digital marketers, sales managers, product managers, and data novices looking to learn the essentials of data analysis. You will use industry tools, Excel and SQL to analyse large real-world data sets and create data dashboards and visualizations to present your findings.


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